Let's get you from Designer to Leader

Advance in your career through practical lessons learned the hard way - the kind that they don't teach in Design School.
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Design Career Guide

Let’s face it: your career is your responsibility. Here you can learn how to manage yourself so you can start getting what you really want. 

All designer stages
Career Assessment
Start Managing Yourself
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Portfolio Building Challenge

Struggling getting your portfolio ready? Join us and let's get it done in 2 weeks or less! (We recommend Webflow)

Launch in 2 weeks
Master Webflow
Let´s get it done!
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Portfolio Tips & Tricks

Get insights from hiring managers on what makes a good portfolio that will get you hired in no time!

30 pages PDF
Portfolio Checklist
DOwnload free PDF
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Design Leadership Program

All Design Leaders I know felt like they were missing a piece of the puzzle, but you don’t have to. Get the lessons, tricks, and skills you need for that seat at the table.

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Portfolio tips & tricks

The best kept portfolio secrets. For free.

Get a portfolio that gets you to where you really want to go in any stage of your Design career.

Includes Portfolio Checklists
For all design levels!
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Portfolio Building Challenge

Get your portfolio ready in 2 weeks!

Struggling getting your portfolio ready? Join us and let's get it done in 2 weeks! (We do it using Webflow)

Launch in 2 weeks
Master Webflow
View challenge details
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Design career guide

Own your career. Get it to the next stage.

Let’s face it: your career development is not your company’s priority. It’s your responsibility. Here you can learn how to manage yourself so you can start getting what you really want.

For all designer stages
Includes Career Assessment
View guide details
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Design leadership program

Learn the leadership skills they never taught you in Design School

All Design Leaders I know tell the same story: you’re super excited with the new role, but it’s overwhelming to realize how many things you don’t know. We all felt like we were missing a piece of the puzzle, but you don’t have to. I hand over to you the lessons, tricks, and skills you need for that seat at the table.

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Crush the seat at the table!


Stop overthinking. Let's talk!

If you're facing challenges in your Design career - I can help. Failing to get a promotion? Having issues with someone in the team? Stuck with something? Let's talk on a private Slack.

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If you are a designer or Design Leader, I’d love to hear about your experience. It’ll be super valuable for students to hear different opinions and voices. You can participate anonymously if you wish. 

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Spread the word

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Coach design leaders

I'm working really hard to create the best set of lessons and resources I wish I've had. But, as you know, every situation is different. That's why I want to offer people the possibility of getting 1-1 coaching sessions. If you're a seasoned Design Leader interested in coaching others, sign up below:

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Who's behind this?

I'm a Design Leader, Educator, and Entrepreneur. My past experience includes designing for 100+ Financial corporations around the globe. Part designer, part businesswoman — I’ve helped many Fortune 100 with their innovation and digital transformation projects. 

Over my career, I've learned most things the hard way. I've struggled, made many mistakes, and constantly wondered why no one had taught me all these things before.

I've created this space to provide resources and online courses to you so you can get further, easier and faster than I did.

Don't take my word for it

Sara is an amazing designer, teacher, and listener, and I am extremely fortunate to have had her as my mentor. I cannot recommend her enough based on her vast experience in design, her friendly and positive attitude, and her amazing ability to assess and tackle any situation as they came.

Autumn Tran

UI/UX Designer at Clearhead

Sara is an excellent mentor. She's incredibly challenging, friendly, knowledgeable, and constantly engaging. Her enthusiastic personality is addictive. Sara manages a large group of students but I never felt pushed to the side. I'm very grateful for being paired with her.

Michael Messina

Senior User Experience Specialist at Travelers

Sara was beyond encouraging. Her constructive criticism is on point, with a huge emphasis on constructive - she genuinely wants to see her mentees grow. On a more personal level, her positivity is contagious - she's smart, driven, enthusiastic, and extraordinarily easy to get along with.

Emma Nadolny Young

Freelance UX/UI Designer

I had a great experience having Sara as my mentor. Sara was professional, thorough, and her feedback was always very welcomed because her attitude was positive and encouraging. I’m very grateful to have been mentored by Sara and would strongly recommend her.

Ash Montes

UX Designer at Ocado

My learning experience was most definitely shaped by Sara's brilliant expertise and her support. Whenever I faced challenges, Sara would draw from her own industry experiences to provide valuable insights and tips but still ultimately empowered me to be confident in my design decisions.

Emily Huang

Experience Designer at Intrepid (Accenture Interactive)

She is highly professional as a designer and as a mentor as well. Every time we had a session, she provided practical tips and encouraged me to do at least a bit more than the task required. I am so grateful for the time I had her as a mentor.

Pavel Grogul

UX/UI Designer