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This is for you if...

You are a design leader

You are currently a Design Leader. Maybe you've been one for a while, or you've been recently promoted.

You want to be a design leader

You'd like to be a Design Leader in the future. You want to understand in detail how your role would change and what skills you’d need to succeed.

You feel like you're missing something

Your peers - other leaders - seem to know things you don't: from people management to metrics, those are things that no one taught you when you studied design!

You want to get a seat at the table

You want to get more influence on your organization, but find that there's a gap on the way of thinking and doing between you and your "business" managers. 

My non-BS letter to you:
What I wish somebody told me

The jump from Designer to Leader is a tough one because our role becomes quite detached from the craft. The tasks and tools you now need to focus on are entirely different. 

Feeling overwhelmed is completely natural. You were great designing, which is why you got promoted. But now the role is so different that you don’t feel like you’re that great anymore. 

Let me tell you something: you are. It’s just that no one taught you this before. 

You’ve got 3 choices now: 

  • You can go back to design and leave this admin stuff behind. You wouldn’t be the first nor the last. We’re wrong to believe that leading a team is always the next step in the career ladder. It’s not. Really, it isn’t. Not everyone has to like the business side.
  • You can learn by trial and error. Nothing wrong with that, we all do it. We try something, see if it works or it doesn’t, then continue from there. It takes time, though. And it can be quite frustrating. 
  • You can join me on this program. This is like an MBA for designers. All the other managers in the company have had this kind of training, but this just isn’t part of any Design School. 

Look, I'm going to be fully honest here. I put this together thinking of the younger me. I’ve done it thinking of the times I thought “my goodness, couldn’t someone just told me this?”. Things could have been so much easier. I wouldn’t had to spend soooo much time figuring things out that others before me already did!

Not only that, but during the time I was going through my trial and error figuring things out, my rockiness had an impact on my team. And even the company. Things just simply didn’t go as smoothly as they could have. Instead of helping my team more, much of my time was spent getting the hang of my new tasks. 

I have no doubt that, in due time, you can learn it all the hard way by trial and error. But why not hack the process a bit and let me hand over all these lessons to you? 

What you'll learn

Leading people

From hiring to 1-1s, resolving conflicts, and performance management. Learn everything you need to know to keep the team happy, engaged, and delivering the best work of their careers.

Design Ops

Learn how to provide an efficient environment for your team with communication alignment, as well as standardized tools, processes, licenses, and workflows.

Managing projects

Project Management essentials to lead any project and get things done. Learn how to get the best out of your team, while delivering on time.

Managing the sit at the table

Switching your mindset from pixels to high level company strategy is the goal. Learn how to communicate with your peers, superiors, and clients to drive change.

Gaining influence

Get to know the power of influence and how to smoothly advocate for your team and for yourself inside and outside your organization. Learn practical tips that you can start applying today.

Admin superpowers

Learn the essentials of finance, legal, marketing, sales, and support so you can tackle anything that comes your way. Includes a metrics module to track and improve systematically!

Why not just get an MBA?

Maybe you already figured out what’s the gap between you and the other managers in your company - which seem to know what they’re doing much better than you. Yep, they all have some sort of MBA training under their belts. Unfortunately, Design Education today is focused on developing the craft, but not on building strong leadership. 

So that could be another way to get around this: get an MBA. If you really want it, by all means, go get it. I've done that myself. 

But I know you don’t really need it. You’ll spend big cash and at least 1 whole year full time studying theoretical and generic concepts that are hard to apply to your day-to-day. They’ll teach you how to run a business through all fronts, not how to lead creative teams.  

I’m building this program as a practical MBA specifically for Design Leaders. Drawing from years of personal experience (a.k.a. trial and error), from the countless conversations about the experience of other Design Leaders I’ve met on the way, and yeah, even from that MBA that I got myself. 

From all that, I took what I know you really need, and packed it in an online, self-paced course. For just a minimum part of what an MBA would cost. 

Give it a try.

If you end up signing up and you’re not happy within the first 30 days, I’ll be happy to give you your money back. 

What you'll get access to

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Coming SOON

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Who's behind this?

I'm a Design Leader, Educator, and Entrepreneur. My past experience includes designing for 100+ Financial corporations around the globe. Part designer, part businesswoman — I’ve helped many Fortune 100 with their innovation and digital transformation projects. 

Over my career, I've learned most things the hard way. I've struggled, made many mistakes, and constantly wondered why no one had taught me all these things before.

I've created this space to provide resources and online courses to you so you can get further, easier and faster than I did.

Don't take my word for it

Sara is an amazing designer, teacher, and listener, and I am extremely fortunate to have had her as my mentor. I cannot recommend her enough based on her vast experience in design, her friendly and positive attitude, and her amazing ability to assess and tackle any situation as they came.

Autumn Tran

UI/UX Designer at Clearhead

Sara is an excellent mentor. She's incredibly challenging, friendly, knowledgeable, and constantly engaging. Her enthusiastic personality is addictive. Sara manages a large group of students but I never felt pushed to the side. I'm very grateful for being paired with her.

Michael Messina

Senior User Experience Specialist at Travelers

Sara was beyond encouraging. Her constructive criticism is on point, with a huge emphasis on constructive - she genuinely wants to see her mentees grow. On a more personal level, her positivity is contagious - she's smart, driven, enthusiastic, and extraordinarily easy to get along with.

Emma Nadolny Young

Freelance UX/UI Designer

I had a great experience having Sara as my mentor. Sara was professional, thorough, and her feedback was always very welcomed because her attitude was positive and encouraging. I’m very grateful to have been mentored by Sara and would strongly recommend her.

Ash Montes

UX Designer at Ocado

My learning experience was most definitely shaped by Sara's brilliant expertise and her support. Whenever I faced challenges, Sara would draw from her own industry experiences to provide valuable insights and tips but still ultimately empowered me to be confident in my design decisions.

Emily Huang

Experience Designer at Intrepid (Accenture Interactive)

She is highly professional as a designer and as a mentor as well. Every time we had a session, she provided practical tips and encouraged me to do at least a bit more than the task required. I am so grateful for the time I had her as a mentor.

Pavel Grogul

UX/UI Designer

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