Don't take my word for granted!

Emily Huang

Experience Designer at Accenture Interactive

March 2018, New York City (US)

My learning experience was most definitely shaped by Sara's brilliant expertise in design and her unwavering support. Her feedback was always extremely detailed and tailored to my personal strengths and weaknesses. Whenever I faced challenges, Sara would draw from her own industry experiences to provide valuable insights and tips but still ultimately empowered me to be confident in my design decisions. Not only is Sara extremely accessible and easy to talk to, but she genuinely cares about the growth of her students and it shows through every interaction.

Sara would be an amazing addition to any company, especially as a design lead responsible for building design teams mentoring juniors. I give her my full recommendation and cannot thank her enough for all her support!

Emma Nadolny Young

Freelance UX/UI Designer

January 2018, Seattle (US)

Sara was my mentor Designlab's UX Academy and I am just so grateful to have worked with her. She was beyond encouraging which really helped me feel more confident in my work. She helped me look at the big picture of each project as well as pay attention to the little details that ended up making my projects shine. Her constructive criticism is on point, with a huge emphasis on constructive - Sara genuinely wants to see her mentees grow as designers.

On a more personal level, she is just amazing to work with. Her positivity is contagious - she's smart, driven, enthusiastic, and extraordinarily easy to get along with. I looked forward to our calls each week, not just for the indispensable insights she provided on my projects, but also because I enjoyed our conversations so much.

Sara would be a great addition to any team or project, especially those that put her in charge of helping other designers grow. She's a delight to work with and really cares about helping others succeed.

Ash montes

UX Designer at Ocado Technology

January 2018, London (UK)

I had a great experience having Sara as my mentor at DesignLab’s UX Academy. Sara was professional, thorough and her feedback was always very welcome because her attitude was positive and encouraging, trying to understand the thought process behind design decisions. She also has a great eye for detail and quickly spots what needs improving, compelling me to reiterate my designs and, in turn, expand my design skills as well. I’m very grateful to have been mentored by Sara and would strongly recommend her.

Pavel Grogul

UX/UI Designer

October 2017, Moscow (Russia)

Sara was my mentor in UX academy, Designlab.

First off, I want to emphasize that she is highly professional as a designer and as a mentor as well. The theory is good but as a student, I always seek for the practice. Every time we had a session with Sara, she provided practical tips and encouraged me to do at least a bit more than the task required.

Secondly, many of us do not like criticism. Especially regarding our own creation but it's a necessary step when we are talking about the learning process. I so thankful that Sara didn't miss that opportunity and gave me truthful feedback. She constantly showed me some weak zone in my works and push me to fill the gaps. She did it so accurately and effectively at the same time emphasizing the idea that design is an ongoing process so there are always ways for improvements.

There are not enough words to describe her as a professional. I am so grateful for the time she was mentoring me.

Victoria Kaufman

UX/UI Designer at Marketing66

October 2017, Tel Aviv (Israel)

Sara was my mentor at DesignLab's UI/UX bootcamp. She always gave me insightful and detailed feedback on my work and helped think through and develop my ideas during our sessions. She has real industry experience in UX and UI and could offer me tailored advice for my career search. She was a pleasure to talk to and was always available for my questions during the week. Sara really helped my with my capstone projects when I was stuck on something or needed feedback and taught me a lot. Sara has a bubbly personality and is very quick-thinking and sharp. I would recommend Sara for any position as she is a joy to work with.

Ali Hudson

Freelance Designer

September 2017, Orange County (Canada)

Sara mentored me through Designlab's UX Academy as a student new to this industry.

I could not be more thankful to have had such an experienced, professional, thorough and personable mentor to guide me through this process! Sara is incredibly knowledgeable and is always willing and able to provide real-world examples in a simplified, understandable manner, which is incredibly helpful as a student.

Sara is an incredible mentor, and any student should consider themselves lucky to have her invaluable knowledge and guidance!

Autumn Tran

UX/UI Designer at Clearhead

September 2017, Austin, TX (US)

Sara served as my Phase 2 mentor while I was enrolled in Designlab's UX Academy, an immersive 24-week program designed to train students to build a foundation in UX/UI design principles. During Phase 2, Sara supervised my capstone projects, providing constructive and valuable critique that not only challenged me as a budding design student, but continued to help me learn and grow in confidence as a designer.

I am extremely fortunate to have had Sara as my mentor, and cannot recommend her enough based on her vast knowledge and experience in design, her friendly and positive attitude, and her amazing ability to assess and tackle any situation as they came. No matter what it was, Sara always went well above and beyond to provide me with thorough feedback, advice, and resources to help answer any questions I had. She is an amazing designer, teacher, and listener, and I am so grateful to have been mentored by Sara throughout my design journey.

Meryl Gonzalez

Digital Marketing Specialist at Modaramo Media

August 2017, New York City (US)

Sara mentored me through Designlab's UX Academy. She was always prompt, easy to contact and extremely organized in her mentorship. Juggling so many students must not have been easy, but Sara made it appear this way. Sara was always generous with her time always making herself accessible at any point throughout the process.

Sara’s passion for design and teaching was made obvious immediately while mentoring. Sara possesses great enthusiasm and positivity which not only fueled my motivation but also inspired me. When giving constructive criticism, Sara always remained encouraging and shared helpful resources. She often drew from her own experience, of which there is a plethora, to share advice regarding real work situations. Her wealth of knowledge in each phase of the design process is extensive. Although, this did not surprise me as I know she has traveled worldwide to attend conferences on the subject.

As my mentor, Sara provided me with an invaluable gift. Her guidance and teaching has provided me with skills and confidence to make a major shift in my career. With Sara’s highly experienced background and great mentoring skills I would absolutely recommend her as a mentor or lead to a design team.

Diana Glozman

UX Designer at Modernizing Medicine

August 2017, Florida (US)

I was very fortunate to have Sara as my mentor during phase 2 of UX Academy. Sara is not only a talented designer and mentor, she is a pleasure to work with.

Sara has an uncanny ability to quickly understand the individual she is working with and tailor to their learning ability, style, and interest. She has an eye for detail and quickly spots areas of improvement. She doesn’t hold back and provides candid, constructive feedback. She takes time to explain and discuss her suggestions; backing everything up with numerous examples.

She goes above and beyond by sending links, articles, tips, and scheduling additional lessons to ensure her mentees’ success.
Following her advice, I was able to reiterate my designs and improve my skills drastically in a short period of time.

Very fortunate to have had Sara as my mentor and strongly recommend her.

Dalrae Kim

Product Designer at Clover Network, Inc

July 2017, San Francisco Bay Area (US)

I had a privilege to have Sara as my mentor for UX Academy course from DesignLab. She was an amazing mentor willing to go extra miles to assist me. I didn't know so much about User Experience at the beginning so it must have been not an easy job. However, she shared a lot of her insights and great feedback on my assignments. She always had great answers to my questions and very knowledgeable all around. She seems very genuine, loves what she does and has a great passion for mentoring her students to excellence. I would love to continue the relationship with her.

Kristin Tighe

UX/UI Designer at TraceLink

June 2017, Boston (US)

I had the privilege of having Sara as my mentor in the Designlab UX Academy program. I have her to thank for becoming the designer I am today. In every mentor session we had, she provided excellent feedback and really pushed me to create designs that exceeded expectations. Whenever I needed help or was unsure about something, she was there to provide timely and accurate answers. She always provided awesome resources to grow my knowledge and skill set as a designer. Despite me being in Boston and her being in Amsterdam, thousands of miles away from each other, I always felt like I had to her by my side in my Designlab journey, which was amazing.

Derek Mortel

UX/UI Designer at Stabilify

June 2017, Los Angeles (US)

Sara has mentored me during my time at the UX Academy through DesignLab. She has guided and helped me build a solid foundation in UX processes and design techniques.

I feel very lucky to have been mentored my Sara. Her mentoring style has empowered me to hone my design skills and pursue a career in UX design. She goes out of her way to make sure that I digest the material in a way that I can understand. Not only that, she makes sure that I can transfer that knowledge to real industry situations.

Her passion and drive for design are unparalleled. Anyone who is lucky enough to cross paths with Sara will see I am talking about right off the bat. I would recommend her to anyone or any team looking for mentoring and creative direction.

Sarah Winslow

UX Design Consultant at Capgemini

June 2017, Charlotte (US)

Sara was my mentor for my Designlab UX Academy course and she was such an incredible mentor! I came into the program with very little design experience and Sara was always helpful in guiding me through many challenging projects throughout the program. She helped me build up and refine my design skills and she always pushed me to produce top-notch work. Sara is not only an amazing designer, but she is an amazing person! She genuinely loves what she does and her passion for design and teaching aspiring designers is evidenced by her humble, yet upbeat demeanor.

Sara has been the most encouraging mentor and I am so grateful that I had her solid advice and unwavering support throughout the program. Her attention to detail is impressive and she delivers expert-level knowledge of all aspects of the design process. Her effervescence is contagious and she would make an amazing addition to any design team!

Shiny Leung

UX/UI Designer at AnalogFolk

May 2017, Hong Kong

Sara was my mentor throughout Phase 1 of DesignLab's UX Design bootcamp and I liked her so much that I requested to have her again as I continued onto Phase 2 of the course.

Distance learning is hard enough at the best of times but she was the one thing that kept me going and was the reason for making me put in the amount of effort I did into each project.

Sara is extremely approachable, intelligent, attentive and very accommodating. She always pushed me to put in my best efforts - and would always explain things thoroughly in a patient and professional manner.

Hana Turley

UX Designer

May 2017, San Francisco Bay Area (US)

Sara was my mentor for UX Academy.

She was an amazing mentor, who had a deep passion for solving problems. She guided me through the entire curriculum with care, patience, and curated knowledge.

The brevity of this recommendation does not do her justice.

Thank you so much Sara!

Nikki Burton

UX Designer at SiriusXM

April 2017, Miami (US)

It is rare that you come across a talent like Sara. I had the pleasure of having Sara as my mentor at Designlab. She gave the most detailed advice on every project that we worked on together.

She went way beyond her role as a mentor and spent more time with me than was expected until she felt I understood what was being conveyed. Sara's advice and leadership gave me very strong portfolio pieces and knowledge that I will carry throughout my career as a UX Designer.

I would recommend Sara to anyone looking for someone to lead a team with great enthusiasm for her work, an amazing attitude and out of this world design skills.

Run Chen

UX/UI Designer at LevelUp

April 2017, Boston (US)

Sara was my mentor for Phase 2 of UX Academy of DesignLab and I could not have asked for a better one.

She is incredibly intelligent and has a deep passion for design that she is willing to share without hesitation. Her feedback was always thoroughly insightful and helped me to further my designs and push my skills further as a designer.

Even though Sara is in a completely different time zone from me, I never had an issue with scheduling and she was incredibly flexible with me and always made sure that things were convenient for me.

She is an incredible mentor, designer, and person and I am incredibly grateful to have been paired with her.

Belinda Chang

Visual Communication Designer

April 2017, New York City (US)

Sara and I had 1-on-1 calls each week in which she gave me great feedback on my work and talked about anything and everything! She is very fun and pleasant to talk to and extremely passionate about design. I was able to learn a lot from her not only about the UX Academy curriculum, but also about her real world experience as a UX Designer, which is truly invaluable.

Logistics wise, Sara was always very flexible and also very courteous in letting me know immediately if she had to reschedule any of our meetings. She was always willing to help out and answer any questions I had outside of our scheduled sessions. I always felt that she was available and happy to help me out!

I would recommend Sara as a mentor to just about anyone. You will learn a lot from her and have fun doing it.

Miranda Neerhof

UX/UI Designer

April 2017, Singapore

Sara was an outstanding UX design mentor. She always went above and beyond, enabling me to feel both supported and challenged by her at every step of the way. She provided me with effective feedback and expert knowledge that helped me to grow into a skillful and thoughtful designer.

Her passion for design and UX was infectious and inspired me to be more ambitious in my work and accomplish more than I ever thought I could. I have so much respect and admiration for Sara and I am grateful that I had the opportunity to be mentored by her.

I can’t say enough positive things about Sara! She is an incredible mentor and designer that anyone would be lucky to work with.

Victoria Wong

Experience Designer at Mobiquity Inc.

April 2017, San Francisco Bay Area (US)

Sara was an amazing mentor. I was so lucky to have her mentor me while I was at the UX Academy. She is knowledgable, supportive, thorough, and incredibly helpful. Sara helped me refine my design thought process, improve the quality and clarity of my work, and did all of it with a smile. She has a deep understanding of UI/UX and an incredible ability to guide others. I have the upmost confidence that she would truly be an asset to any company.

Victoria Houldsworth

Graphic + Web Designer

March 2017, San Francisco Bay Area (US)

I was very fortunate to have Sara as my mentor through Designlab's UX Academy. Sara is smart, driven and extremely well versed in the field of UX / UI Design. I felt confident knowing I could turn to Sara with any questions / uncertainties. I particularly enjoyed brainstorming with Sara, she is highly creative and knows how to solve problems quickly. As added bonus, Sara is lovely person and has a great sense of humor.

Wing Wat

Product Designer at LearnVest

February 2017, New York City (US)

Sara is incredible. I had the pleasure of having her as my mentor during the UX Academy program at DesignLab. She had a lot of practical knowledge which was exactly what any course cannot convey. Sara also offered me as much help I needed throughout the program and constantly pushed me to be better. Thank you, Sara!

Sharmaine Tan

Creative Director at Asset Management Academy

February 2017, Singapore

Sara mentored me during phase 1 of my course at DesignLab's UX Academy. What struck me about Sara is that she has so much passion and zest for UX, and makes any call fun-filled. She answered all my questions in detail, clearly, and promptly, and always provides a lot of valuable information through her extensive knowledge and experience. It made me feel that I could approach the Capstone Projects with a lot more confidence! Thank you!

Michael Messina

Senior User Experience Specialist at Travelers

February 2017, Connecticut (US)

Sara is an excellent teacher and mentor. She was my mentor in the Designlab UX Academy program. She's incredibly knowledgeable in UX design principles and used her real world examples to help better me as a student. She's challenging, friendly, and constantly engaging. Her enthusiastic personality is addictive.

Sara manages a large group of students but I never felt pushed to the side. She always made our sessions personable and was always answering questions off-the-clock. I'm very grateful for being paired with her.

Kelsey Page

UX/UI Designer

November 2016, Los Angeles (US)

Sara is fully an idea creative individual. She brings knowledge, experience and enthusiasm to the table of design and creation. Sara was my mentor in phase 2 of my Designlab UX Academy course. The drive that she brings to the topic at hand is addictive. She can deeply understand a problem and most importantly feels very comfortable through the process of solving a problem. She brings a calmness to figuring out the best way of completing a project. I worked on 2 capstone projects and building my portfolio with Sara. She used her knowledge of the topics and then offered over and above additional information to better the projects. She is an aid but also challenges you to gain what you need to properly learn. I am extremely grateful that I was paired up with Sara and will always carry this experience with me through my journey.

Steve Le

Visual Designer at Cisco

November 2016, San Francisco Bay Area (US)

Sara was my mentor during the first phase of Designlab's UX Academy. During that time, she shared her expansive knowledge of UX and shared real life examples that she experienced to allow me to understand the how UX works in the business world. She was a great motivator and really helped push me outside of my comfort zone. Sara's guidance and passion for sharing her knowledge of UX allowed me to become more confident in understanding UX/UI and how to deliver a polished product that I could be proud of. For anyone taking this program, Sara is one of the most motivating mentor's that I have come across.

Luis Salermo

Digital Marketer at PwC

November 2016, Luxemburg

I'm truly interested in UX design. When I came across Design Lab, an online academy specialised in the topic, I never expected to have such an interactive experience (you know, online courses are great but a nice, constructive human part is usually missing). The main driver of that successful training was my mentor, Sara. She has direct experience in the field so we could discussed about real cases, and she was highly engaged, always giving me timely feedback and ideas to get better. One additional thing I want to mention is her motivation to teach, to offer me handy tricks and tools. If by any chance you're thinking of studing UX, I hope you get the chance to learn with her.

Telma Pires Rodrigues

Freelance Translator

October 2016, Amsterdam (The Netherlands)

I met Sara at Backbase and I was astonished with her professional attitude.

Despite her youth, she is confident and experienced, but also listens to other people’s ideas and opinions. She is a natural born leader who effortlessly grasps complex ideas and concepts and guides the craft required to deliver undeniably good digital experiences.

Above all she is passionate about user experience and working with cross-disciplinary teams, solving problems and exploring new technologies. She’s at her best when she’s coordinating the work of a team, in order to make sure the final results are top quality and exceed the clients’ needs and expectations.

The energy and creativity she brings to everything in her life is unmatched, so I have no doubt she excels at everything she believes in.

Alexander Schoen

Digital Product Manager

October 2016, Geneva (Switzerland)

Sara has a constant thirst to acquire knowledge in order to ensure her designs are relevant, innovative and coherent.
She has a strong drive, and delivers even with extremely tight deadlines. Delivering extremely creative work while sticking to strict guidelines is also one of her multiple talents.
Cheerful, open, and upbeat she contributes to an objective driven but still fun office atmosphere.

Anne Tuominen

UX Designer

October 2016, Amsterdam (The Netherlands)

I had the pleasure to be mentored by Sara and during that time discovered her unending passion for creativity and her high standards in it. Sara has a warm personality and strong beliefs which show in the high quality of her work.

Always wanting to learn new things and keep herself up-to-date on the latest developments in her areas of interest (and those are plenty), Sara has a lot of experience and is a well of knowledge.

When she sets her mind on something, there's simply no stopping her. Truly a person to look up to.

Oscar Goossens

Product Designer at KLM

October 2016, Amsterdam (The Netherlands)

I have worked nearly 1,5 year with Sara. During this period she's been my mentor and co-designer.

Sara is someone that I take as example when I'm talking to others about passionate people. Passionate about their field and work. Starting to work for Backbase with her being my mentor has meant a lot for my carreer. She's patiently and constructively taught me everything she knows. She is the one that brings educational books to work for others to read, quickly sketches the big picture to create an overview when assignments are getting too big.

Sara is not afraid to put extra time on a project just to round it up the way she wants it; perfect. During the time I've experienced her, I got to know her as energetic, motivating, dedicated a great team player.

Robin Bultot

Global Head of Pre-Sales at Backbase

October 2016, Amsterdam (The Netherlands)

Sara’s strongest point is how quickly she learns and adapts to not only any team but also even the most complex line of businesses. This makes her a natural strategist that is able to make order out of the messiest chaos and even create a great solutions out of thin air. She is also a hands on designer that deeply understands UX and Visual Design who shines on the most complicated interfaces.

For us, all of this meant that we could send her to run design workshops and design sprints at our biggest clients with the confidence that she would WOW them and over-deliver in just a few days.

Sara has also proven to be a great team lead that is able to hire good talent, set direction, and also mentor and coach designers on their career development.